WeeVap Squad


Why You Should Choose WeeVap.com

Are you new to vaporizing? Do you need any help with your purchased vaporizer? Do not worry, because the WeeVap Squad is ready to assist you. If you join our WeeVap Squad as a member, you will be able to request for personal consultations regarding your purchased product. We will explain all methods for the most pleasant vaporization. In addition, members of the WeeVap Squad will be served faster during the next orders. We offer an extended warranty for the vaporizers and 10% reduction for the accessories. Our consultants are experienced with all kinds of vaporizers. We will teach you how to reach the best satisfaction from the vaporization and use your vaporizer.

Our Benefits

  • Free and Fast Order Processing
  • An Extended Warranty
  • Experienced Personal Consultant
  • 10% reduction for the accessories

How to Join WeeVap Squad

Step 1:

When you are at the Checkout, choose the WeeVap Squad option. Then we will contact you.

Step 2:

You can reach WeeVap Squad using any type of connection: via Skype, live chat and telephone. The length of one appointment is from 15 to 30 minutes. If you need more time to understand how to use the vaporizer, we will consult you more.

Step 3:

The aim of WeeVap Squad is to explain how to use the vaporizer and accessories. Every vaporizer has its particular functions and characteristics, so different methods should be applied. We want to teach you and give many useful tips. Our consultants will explain details about the whole maintenance process too.


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