How dose CBD oil is made

You've probably heard about the benefits that you get from CBD oil. Get to find out below the steps taken in extracting the compound and eventually making CBD oil.

CBD manufacturers first choose a hemp source which has high CBD potency. This helps to enhance yield and quality.

Extracting the Whole Plant

After cultivation, the plants undergo an extraction process. Whole plant extracts are the source of certain CBD oil-based products while others can be gotten from isolates. The process of whole plant extraction involves the entire plant. This method is highly preferred in the medical community due to the notion that broad spectrum cannabinoids are gotten from this process. The whole cannabinoid spectrum, if captured, can help to stimulate the endocannabinoid system in what is known as the entourage effect.

Extracting CBD isolates

This basically refers to pure CBD. The hemp strain where the isolate was sourced will influence the effectiveness of the CBD.

Alcohol Extraction

Whole plant CBD oil can be extracted in different ways. One method which is considered the most authentic is alcohol extraction.

  • Soaking in Alcohol

The hemp plant gets soaked in solvents like grain alcohol. The liquid that is left contains CBD together with other cannabinoids. Evaporation of the solvent leaves only the CBD oil. You can then consume the oil or infuse it in edible products. The method of soaking in alcohol has been modified and ethanol is being used for extraction.

  • Roto-Vap

The Rotovap process comes in after ethanol soaking. The ethanol solution is heated to speed evaporation by the Rotovap. The ethanol is captured for later use. This leaves the CBD behind in a different compartment.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 can also be used to extract CBD. This involves getting the plant and forcing CO2 through it. This way, the CBD oil is extracted but the process happens to be more complicated. Different Chambers will be needed for this process to carry out pressure control as well as temperature control. Pressure and temperature are combined together inside the Chambers to forcefully cause a reaction in the CO2 cannabinoid solution before separating. The separate cannabinoids are then collected separately in The Chambers. It is up to the extractor to decide which cannabinoid will be used.

Flavoring & Dilution

Since the extracted CBD is not in any way palatable, the producer has to take steps to ensure that the CBD oil is quite tasty. Dilution is also carried out to cater to the individual needs of different customers when it comes to potency and strength.

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