1. Terms & conditions
Every visitor of our site must comply with the terms and conditions detailed in the following paragraphs. Once you place an order or acquire any services from WeeVap, you are automatically agreeing with our internal policy and also with the international regulation regarding our products. The terms and conditions presented here will apply to every person using our site, including, but not limited to customers, vendors, content contributors and also simply visitors. By accessing our site, you agree to respect the site’s policy. If you don’t agree to the terms and conditions we enforce, please don’t pursue any purchase and simply leave the website.
The products, services and website we offer can suffer changes or updates at any given time. WeeVap takes the liberty to make those changes at any given time, without consulting our clients. If the changes WeeVap takes have the nature of altering the terms and conditions, an update of the company’s policy will be available on this page. Also, WeeVap takes the liberty to change the terms and conditions regarding any of the services and products.

1. Online Store Policy
By visiting and acquiring the services or products of this site, you state that you are at least 18 years old, or the age of majority in your state or province. We don’t provide services to minors, unless we have the permission to do so from their legal guardian.
The products commercialized by WeeVap should not be used as object in any illegal activity or in an unauthorized purpose. Also, regarding the services provided by our company and the content present on our site, you may use them within the limits of the law, including the regulations regarding copy right infringements.
Any damages caused by worms, viruses or any kind of code with a destructive nature, that will affect the image or business of our site, will be seen as destruction of property and it will be reported to the authorities, to be dealt with properly.
The violation of any terms featured in the “Online Store Policy” section will put an immediate end to the services provided by WeeVap to you.

2. Services and Prices
WeeVap reserves the right to select its clientele, meaning that we can refuse to provide our services and products to anyone, for any reason, at any time, without being required to provide an explanation for our decision.
Our prices can also suffer chances and we are not required to notice our clients or offer a reason for which we changed the price of our services and products. The prices practiced by WeeVap will not include any additional costs, such as shipping or any additional taxes applicable in your state or province.
Before making business with us, please make sure that the state or province where you want them delivered don’t have any regulations against the kind of products found on the WeeVap website.

3. Products
WeeVap took all the measures possible to ensure an accurate representation of the products sell on our site. Please pay attention to the specifications provided in the product’s description. Also, keep in mind that the color of our products might be distorted by the screen of the device you are using. The description of the products, along with their prices and availability, can be changed at the company’s discretion, without the need of a notice or explanation.
The WeeVap were designed to function with dried vegetable material and essential oils, provided by the third party companies licensed to provide the consumable parts of our product. The WeeVap products are not intended to be used with any other combustibles, including narcotics, THC or dried cannabis, cannabis oil or any other illegal substances. As far as WeeVap is concerned, the usage or any other kind of combustible, besides the recommended ones, can damage the products we offer. WeeVap is not responsible and can’t be prosecuted for the way you use any of our products.

For any questions, misunderstanding or possible issues with the terms and conditions detailed above, or with any of our products and services, please get in touch with us through the contact page of our site.