CBD dosage

There are many brands that deal on CBD today and this can make it difficult to decide what brand is best for you and how much CBD is right to ingest. So, what exactly is the right dosage for you? We will cover the topic concerning the right CBD dosage but remember to keep in touch with your doctor if you're contemplating using CBD as a form of treatment.

Some vital info regarding CBD oil dosage

  1. CBD dosages may differ from person to person

You are probably familiar with what the endocannabinoid system is. This unique body system has the responsibility of ensuring that the mental and physical state of the human body is optimized and maintained. It is believed that CBD regulates that system by creating connections between various receptors found in various systems in the body. Researchers do not really know the exact level of effects that CBD has on the endocannabinoid system but it is certain that every individual possesses their unique endocannabinoid system. So, even if a bottle of CBD oil comes with clear information and instructions, two different persons who take the standard dosing may experience totally different effect levels.

  • Genetics, Tolerance & Overall Health

The fact that we are all different means that the level of genetics and tolerance as well as overall health in individuals will also differ. Some people suffer from very bad health conditions while others are only seeking remedies for everyday anxiety. The reasons for ingesting CBD differ and the above-mentioned factors influence how effective CBD will be for different individuals. Young and energetic individuals may not necessarily need similar dosages with individuals who have Severe health problems.

  • CBD is no Miracle Cure

No matter what your expectations of CBD are and regardless of what the right dosage is, you need to keep your mind that CBD oil should not be regarded as a miracle cure. CBD oil does not produce instant results. This misconception has let a lot of persons to request a refund claiming that the product purchased never worked for them. However, it is important to be patient enough to find the right dosage for you.

The Standard Dosage

This section will give you a general guide but always remember to follow dosage instructions. You can go ahead to reach out to the company to make inquiries about what dosage will be appropriate for your condition. It’s also a good idea to seek your doctor’s advice. Check out these common dosage strategies which may be effective for you –

  • Begin with just a single drop the first time
  • Watch the effect and increase to two drops every day. Do this for about one month and notice if you are getting improvements in your symptoms.
  • Go ahead to spread the drops taken in a single day. Probably one dose, morning, one dose, night
  • Experiencing no improvements, continue to increase your dosage slowly.

What is important is to continue this process until you arrive at the right dosage for you.

Here are some highly recommended tinctures and oils that you can use to find the right dosage.