Women Are Breaking New Ground In the Marijuana industry


The Hippie Lazy stoner stereotype that orchestrate the marijuana revolution in the ’60s and ’70s, Is no more, the players forging ahead in legal marijuana aren’t who you might expect.
Women’s are the new pioneers of the medical marijuana businesses, and they are breaking new ground in the fields of Dispensaries, Marijuana medicine, Aroma therapy, CBD oils, Tech innovation, and Vaporizers
The low cost of entry, combined with super-fast growth make the marijuana industry appealing for newcomers — especially those with a passion for its healing benefits. The New York Times reported that, women are taking what used to be old folk remedies or homemade tinctures and salves made from marijuana, and turning them into viable businesses.

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Companies like Go Greene, Moxie Meds, WeeVap LifeStyle , Marley Natural , Mountain Medicine , are all inspired by or owned by women.

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