How did I stop smoking, a Weevap success story.

How did I stop smoking, a Weevap success story.

I had been smoking since I was 16, I am now 38. I tried to quit before but I had failed time after time. Nicotine patch, Books, Coerces, Pills, I would try everything for a two week or a month only to eventually go back to smoking.

I had also been told that it takes at least 3 quits before a smoker could stop for good. I had passed that prediction long time ago…. If I missed my scheduled smoke break by just an hour or so I would start freaking out.

Then one day going into class (I am just about to finish my masters), after going out with friends over the weekend, I realized I had finished 4 over that weekend. That was again a turning point, When I stumbled across Vaporizers I became immediately encouraged. I decided to check out websites. Finding out about a different approach (Not like Ecig) I was already exited, just one more click and I was on my way to stop smoking.

I immediately followed the tips that Staff suggested, I chose to buy the DaVinchi IQ for £222 (The chipset price I found on the net) from the minute I got it (it taken 24 hours) My life changed, I am not saying that I wasn’t hard, and there where days that I still crave a cigarette, But at the end of the day, the happy hour in the pub was always accompanied by a cigarette, But now, I am free from all of that.


The first couple of weeks were extremely difficult. I would read blog posts about the changes in the body, and my mental stats. I would read them over and over again. I constantly reminded myself that quitting smoking was the most important thing. The vaporizer gave me the feeling of smoking but without all the harm stuff you get from smoking cigarettes. I was really looking forward to one year without smoking. I could not wait to post a comment on Weevap blog about my success I, had gone 1 year, without using nicotine.

As the months passed by it became easier and easier. The vaporizer had replaced my smoking habit completely, and I am free from nicotine today because of that. I would go days and weeks without even thinking about smoking. I can enjoy my life free of smoke, having my vaporizer with me where ever I go.

And let talk about the money I save every day, my fags cost me around £5 a day, £35 a week, £1,820 yearly!! The cost of my new Davinchi IQ vaporizer was one eight of that.

So I am getting healthy, saving money, felling just great, started running (I haven’t been running since my bachelor degree), Life if smokeless.

You think you love to smoke and you think it is so important to your happiness, but when you quit (and I know you will), you will find out that all that happiness associated with smoking is a lie. It’s a cheap carnival trick. It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Now I am sitting in front of the computer and blogging on website and telling my story so you can do what I did, just stop smoking using the simple method of Vaporizing

I hope iv'e help some of you to change your ways as i did main. 

Alex . G 

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Thanks for the great post

Mister Brown
Mister Brown

I’d love to stop smoking

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