Which generation is most likely to get weed delivered


Millennials Are No. 1

Millennials (age 22-34) account for 58% of the marijuana business, the survey concluded.
Gen X (35-52) were next with 23% , Gen Z (18-21) accounted for 17%
Baby Boomers (53-71) were at 11%.

 It’s A Guy Thing

Two-thirds of all deliveries went to males. Women accounted for 33%, with transgender and non-conforming each reporting at 1%.


Choosing Bud Over Booze

According to the survey, 79% of weed customers were also consumers of alcohol, which is not that surprising. But of those cannabis enthusiasts who drink, nearly nine out of 10 (85%) say they consume less booze because of cannabis. Another 15% report that they have stopped drinking alcohol altogether in lieu of marijuana.

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Getting Off The Opioids

Of the 38% of those surveyed who reported they have a prescription for opiates, 93%said they have reduced their opioid use because of marijuana and 29%claim they have totally replaced their opiates with cannabis.

Women Like It Daily

Women are the fastest growing consumer segment in cannabis. The data shows that 57% of women who consume marijuana do so on a daily basis and 17% use it four or more times a week.
More than one third of women (34%) prefer to smoke joints, 26% like a bong.


Other demographic findings

Cannabis consumers are generally educated, employed and well-paid.

Education: More than half (51%) of those surveyed have a college or postgraduate degree. (The UK average is 39%.)

Employment: Nine out of 1o (91%) have full-time employment. The tech sector accounts for 19% of the customer base.

Income: Nearly half (49%) have a household income of £45,000 or more. The most common income bracket, at 16%, was £60,000-£90,999.


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