future prospects of cannabis vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers: The Future Prospects

High technologies become advanced every day. Do you remember the first mobile phones? They were huge and bulky, comparing to modern smartphones. As for the first vaporizers, they were big and expensive too. Revolution in the industry of vaporizers happened due to a Volcano convection vaporizer. At once, a lot of people liked that model of desktop vaporizer. However, there were many skeptics who tried the Volcano and did not like its cumbersome balloon. It was evident, that people needed something less bulky. Companies started to use a new conduction technology to develop portable units for vaporizing. Cannabis enthusiasts could try new and stylish vaporizers, like The Atmos boss by Atmos. Definitely, it was a breakthrough in the industry of vaporizers. The point is that vaporizers, based on conduction technology need less power to function properly. Thus, manufacturers managed to create compact size of vaporizers. Companies started to develop not only small in size vaporizers, but also stylish and elegant.

Disadvantages of Pocket-Sized Vaporizers

When the companies introduced slimmer and discreet vaporizing units, they met a new challenge. It turned out that the vapor tastes different in conduction and convection vaporizers. It happens because of direct contact of the herbs or other materials with the heating elements. As a result, using conduction vaporizers, people get a vapor of lower quality than from convection vaporizers. On the one hand a manufacturer creates attractive and nicely-designed conduction vaporizers. On the other hand, the vapor released from this vaporizer is not perfect. Currently, the leading manufacturers continue to develop vaporizers to combine an excellent quality vapor and compact design.

Do consumers get the whole experience from plants?

There is a plenty of cannabis strains, such as White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. Every strain has particular characteristics and unique flavor. Packing various herbs in the vaporizer or using the blends, you will get a different experience. The active ingredients are released at different temperature levels, so you can experiment to get an unforgettable experience. Cannabis has diverse boiling points and consequently different effects. The temperature varies from 220°F (THC-A) to 365°F (CBD). Modern portable vaporizers have a temperature adjustment. You can regulate the temperature during the vaporization to find the best flavor from your herb.

Dynamic Convection Technology

Convection style of vaporization is better because the temperature level can be changed during the inhalation. It is very easy to explain and understand. The dynamic heat produces dynamic vapor, consequently, the static heat produces static vapor. The dynamic convection allows releasing active ingredients and receiving unforgettable flavor. When you inhale, the temperature may range from the lowest to the highest levels. You can taste the full spectrum of vapor and find the most desired flavor.

The only drawback, which concerns the dynamic convection, is power consumption. It needs 10 times more power, comparing to a conduction method. In other words, portable vaporizers, based on the convection method will use more energy than the conduction models. Possibly the technologies will be improved in the future, but now this is a common problem for a vaporizing units with convection. However, two inventors from the Silicone Valley have constructed the first portable vaporizer with the dynamic convection. This model is known as the Firefly. Owing to a dynamic temperature control, users can regulate temperature with every breath. The vapor will be heated at different temperature levels during every inhalation. Surely, this method will be interesting for vaporists with a solid experience. Beginners may find it difficult to adjust the best temperature and taste the full spectrum of vapor.

Will the concentrates become popular in the future?

The industry of vaporizers will be growing in the future years. People will be able to see great improvements in units and accessories. It is very likely, that manufacturers will focus on technologies, which allow getting the complete plant experience. Recently, the companies combine various extraction techniques to use the concentrate. If you try something like Firefly vaporizer, that includes a mesh pad for the concentrates, you will not want to use popular pen-shaped vaporizers. The modern cannabis industry improves the concentrates with different flavors. The industry of vaporizers will not stop on current achievements. New vaporizing tools will be invented to taste new forms of plants and concentrates from them. No one knows what will be invented in the nearest future. But it will be something really cool. We only can dream, suppose and predict, while the leading giants of this industry are working to provide us with the most pleasant vaping experience.

In conclusion, portable vaporizers have great future prospects. The industry is overloaded with stylish and functional models. However, still, there are some issues, that need improvements. Combining the latest technologies the manufacturers of vaporizers will surprise us with more compact and more powerful vaporizing tools.

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