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What is a Vaporizing and why is it different from Smoking

In many countries it is legal to use marijuana in medicine. Also, in some regions the law does not prohibit to use marijuana for relaxation. More and more people want to know various ways to use marijuana. If you one of those people, but you do not know anything about this herb, so you must know what a vaporizer is. Continue to read this short and interesting post to learn some useful things about vaporizing.

General Information about Vaporizers

In order to release the active compounds from marijuana, waxes or essential oils, you should have a good vaporizer. All vaporizing units are different. However, the majority of vaporizers have a standard heating mechanism, which helps to get a nice vapor. We will explain this process in several simple steps:

  1. Put a special material in the vaporizer. Read the manual carefully, because many vaporizers are not compatible with some materials.
  2. Then turn on the unit. When you do it, the heating elements will be activated. The power source is very individual for every vaporizing unit. There is butane, electricity and battery powered vaporizers.
  3. Then the hot parts of vaporizer will heat up your material inside.
  4. Gradually, the material will reach its vaporization point. It is a moment when an active compounds turn into a gas.
  5. This gas is known as vapor. It starts to gather inside the vaporizer.
  6. Every vaporizer is equipped with a mouthpiece to inhale the ready vapor. People can draw the vapor directly in the lungs or release it in the air. The second variant is known as the aromatherapy.

What is better smoking or vaporizing?

Smoking and vaporizing are not the same processes. There are so many facts proving that smoking is killing for people. Vaporizing is much safer. If you used to get relaxation smoking cigarettes, try another healthier way – vaporizing. There is a huge difference between smoking and vaporizing. Smoking will not happen without combustion. The tobacco material is heated at the highest temperature, releasing smoke and carbon. When you use a vaporizer, it produces a gas with active compounds. Any harmful substances will not be released during the vaporization.

Reasons to choose vaporizing…

It is a personal decision of every person what to do: to smoke or to vape. Still, scientists continue to study and research the impact of vaporizing on health. Even though, we can say for sure that vaporizing is healthier due to several facts:

Fact#1In the vapor, released during the vaporizing, there are no carcinogens. It means, it will not cause cancer.

Fact#2 After vaporizing, you will not notice unpleasant breath, or smell like from cigarettes.

Fact#3 Vaporizers produce a pure vapor. It is much cleaner than smoke. Vapor, produced by modern vaporizers does not cause irritation of lungs. Hence, vaporizing will not cause the lungs diseases.

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