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Top UK medical research says-Opioids Out, Marijuana In.

UK MEDICAL RESEARCH Suggests that there is an extremely vast usage of marijuana as a substitute for subscribed opiates.   In a groundbreaking article released, one of the nation’s leading medical journals suggests that cannabis can be a helpful tool to combat UK’s Opioids addiction problem. Since 1999, UK’S overdose deaths involving Opioids have quadrupled.…
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Women Are Breaking New Ground In the Marijuana industry

  The Hippie Lazy stoner stereotype that orchestrate the marijuana revolution in the ’60s and ’70s, Is no more, the players forging ahead in legal marijuana aren’t who you might expect. Women’s are the new pioneers of the medical marijuana businesses, and they are breaking new ground in the fields of Dispensaries, Marijuana medicine, Aroma…
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Sun’s out, cones out. That’s a saying, right? Summer brings the heat, and the best way to deal with that heat is to eat ice cream (ok, and drink water, of course). We elevated this simple ice cream recipe by adding ABX honey straws. And the best part about it? The dosage is completely customizable…
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future prospects of cannabis vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers: The Future Prospects High technologies become advanced every day. Do you remember the first mobile phones? They were huge and bulky, comparing to modern smartphones. As for the first vaporizers, they were big and expensive too. Revolution in the industry of vaporizers happened due to a Volcano convection vaporizer. At once, a lot of people liked that model of desktop vaporizer. However, there were many skeptics who tried the Volcano and did not like its cumbersome balloon. It was evident, that people needed something less bulky. Companies started to use a new conduction technology to develop portable units for vaporizing. Cannabis enthusiasts could try new and stylish vaporizers, like The Atmos boss by Atmos. Definitely, it was a breakthrough in the industry of vaporizers. The point is that vaporizers, based on conduction technology need less power to function properly. Thus, manufacturers managed to create compact size of vaporizers. Companies started to develop not only small in size vaporizers, but also stylish and elegant.
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