6 things to expect when you start vaping

Making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a big change and it’s certainly a commitment. Habits you’ve grown accustomed to in your time smoking will naturally shift. At first, it will be a focused effort, but in time, you’ll prefer your vaping habits and overall experience. Cigarettes are designed to keep you wanting more, to need to keep smoking and more frequently as time progresses. Besides experiencing a physical reaction, backing off of that daily routine will be jarring in its interruption of just that- your routine. You’re used to stepping outside every few hours and the physical motion of reaching into your bag for the carton, then fingering a cigarette and bringing it up to your mouth. Our bodies adapt to motion and that’s where many of our habits are formed. With vaping, these motions will change. Stand by your own side as they do. I think you’ll like the new experience.
Here are 6 things to expect when you make the switch:

1. Sudden Changes in Your Body

You’ve heard it before and we’ll tell you again. Variety is the spice of life! If you’re a traditional smoker already, exploring the Vaping world will be a real eye opener. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking and if you are switching straight over to vaporizers, it may take some time to adjust. Sometimes switchers experience coughing – that’s your lungs getting all that build-up from cigarettes out of your body.

2. Fuller wallet

If you’ve heard that vaping is expensive, we’re not going to lie to – starting up is. But once you have the essentials, you’ll see a dramatic drop in your daily expenditures. Herbal and replacement parts are required far less frequently than new packs of cigarettes. It’s a long term investment that will end up saving a ton of cash!

3. Taste testing

One of the most exhilarating activities you’ll indulge in when you make the switch is experimenting with flavors. It sounds trivial, but it’s actually so fun! You’ve likely tasted an array of tobacco flavors, but vaping is more like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and every piece of candy being a different flavor. So many different strains, you won’t ever get bored! People around are always surprised, too, at how delicious the trace of the scent is.

4. Maintenance

Switching to vaping comes with a little more maintenance. But then, don’t most good things in life? Keeping your gear clean is extremely important for an optimal vaping experience. You’ll want to maintain your Vaporizer by switching it out every few weeks, change your battery device, and remember to travel with a charging device when you plan to be out and about. You’ll refill your Heating chamber by preference and need. The thing about maintenance is that, overall, it creates a more enjoyable, tasty, and smooth experience with your vape. You get to know how the product works, how to treat it when it gets finicky and which changes to make for the smoothest vape.

5. Temptation

You’re going to experience temptation. There’s no way around it. Breaking a smoking habit is one of the most difficult, physically, and mentally taxing habits to break. If the temptation is too great, make the transition slow. Start substituting vaping. Gradually, make vaping the priority, smoking minimally throughout the day.

6. Pure bliss

You’re entering a new world! Say goodbye to bad smells, your friends and family complaining, or people looking judgmentally at you as you pull out a cigarette. Your new lifestyle is publically acceptable and favorable amongst your familial and social circles. It’s more inviting- try fellow vapers’ flavors and get to know new people who indulge in the vaping lifestyle. Making the switch can be a lot less daunting in the company of other switchers. Most importantly, you’re going to experience a sense of accomplishment from your commitment to the switch.
The real judgment of vaping vs smoking is up to you, but we hope we’ve given you a few enticing reasons to quit smoking. Like we said up top, the switch takes a little time and commitment. But overall, it’s a fluid, less detrimental habit in which to immerse yourself. If want more information on making the switch and getting into vaping, check out weevap produces or get in touch with our support team. We’ll get you set up with a vaporizer starter kit and vaping in no time!

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