4 Best portable vaporizers for 2017

Vaping with a dry herb vaporizer – has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is particularly due to the emergence of studies like this one, funded by Cancer Research UK, which support that vaporizing poses fewer long-term health risks than smoking. Former smokers and cannabis users now have an abundance of vaping options to choose from – each tailored to the individual user’s needs and lifestyle.
Once you experience the benefits and convenience of a good portable vaporizer, it’s hard to go back to burning your weed – at least full time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best dry herb vaporizers among many different categories: so you can find what you need. We constantly update our list, so you can always check back to find out what the best vapes in each category are.
Over the years, the staff at WeeVap has tested hundreds of vapes, and we formed this list based on our combined expert opinions. The vapes in this list are primarily dry herb vaporizers. If you prefer wax and concentrates – We recommend checking out our list for help finding the Best Concentrate vaporizer for your needs.

DaVinci IQ

The quick why: The DaVinci IQ is the best overall dry herb vaporizer. The IQ looks and feels amazing and performs par excellance. It is simple enough for a first timer and powerful enough for the most experienced users. Built from premium materials, the zirconia air path keeps vapor cool, and produces thick vapor and rich flavor. IQ allows customization of temp settings with patented Smart Path Technology for optimal sessions. The IQ also has Bluetooth and a smartphone app – but the user can control everything without the app. If you are tech savvy and love new gadgets, the IQ is for you.
Manufacturer: DaVinci | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Wax-compatible: No | Battery life: 3-5 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 years

Hydrology 9


The quick why: Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is an exciting recent addition to the dry herb vaporizer arena. Its noteworthy bong-style design makes this vape unique on the market. The LED light system is cool and functional as it conveys temperature and battery level. Air vents allow customizing to the user’s preferred draw resistance. The Hydrology 9 also introduces the built-in stir-stickwhich sifts the bud in the chamber – maximizing efficiency and lowering waste. The Hydrology 9 also uses water-filtration – similar to a bong – which cools the vapor. This vape is the undisputed winner in this category and definitely the best vape for your next party.
£329.00£299.00  VIEW AT VAPE-SMART
Manufacturer: Cloudious9 | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: Large | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 15 sessions | Temp control: 5 stages | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 2 years

Firefly 2


The quick why: The Firefly 2 is actually the winner of two categories: best flavorand best solo vape. The Firefly 2 uses a unique convection heating system – meaning that the heat source does not come in direct contact with the dry herb. This allows you to take draws on-demand, saving the rest for later use – a very convenient feature for a dry herb vape. Thanks to a premium-quality glass vapor path and convection heating, the flavor is unparalleled. The design of the Firefly vape is also reminiscent of a bowl or pipe. The Firefly vaporizer provides the Best vapor quality.
£299.98£259.99  VIEW AT FIREFLY
Manufacturer: Firefly | Oven: Glass | Oven-capacity: .2 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 6-8 sessions | Temp control: 4 levels with boost| Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 years

Haze Dual V3


The quick why: Not only does the Haze Dual V3 allow you to vaporize dry herbs AND concentrates, but it lets you do both in the same session! The Haze has two chambers, and portable chamber canisters so you can load dry herb for future use. Each can be loaded with dry herb or wax, and the Haze can store two on-board, for on-demand heating. Cool vapor, easy draw, and simple interface make the Haze a great vaporizer, especially for dual users.
£179.00  VIEW AT HAZE
Manufacturer: Haze | Oven: Stainless Steel | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 3-4 sessions | Temp control: 4 levels | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 5 years




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